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4/21/2018New MexicoCLICK HERE
4/22/2018New MexicoCLICK HERE
4/28/2018ColoradoCLICK HERE
4/29/2018ColoradoCLICK HERE
6/9/2018TennesseeCLICK HERE
6/10/2018TennesseeCLICK HERE
6/16/2018ArkansasCLICK HERE
6/17/2018ArkansasCLICK HERE
9/1/2018CaliforniaCLICK HERE
9/2/2018CaliforniaCLICK HERE

Attention Riders!
After your signup fees have been received, there are NO REFUNDS. Please make sure when you are signing up that you can make all the events you register for.

NATC Entry has the right to decline your entry or class.

Online Entry fees for 2018 are as follows(online entry closes 2 weeks before each event)...
$80.00$40.00*per day

Onsite Entry fees at the event for 2018 are as follows...
$100.00$50.00*Friday before the weekend event
$150.00$80.00*Day of the event

Onsite Entry times...
3:00pm - 5:00pm8:00am - 8:30am

2018 Schedule
4/21 & 4/22Roswell, NMNMTASIGNUP CLOSED
4/28 & 4/29Texas Creek, COrockymountaintrials.orgSIGNUP CLOSED
6/9 & 6/10Sequatchie, TNtrialstrainingcenter.comSIGNUP CLOSED
6/16 & 6/17Uniontown, ARWinters Trials Central USASIGNUP CLOSED
9/1 & 9/2Donner, CAsactopits.orgSIGNUP CLOSED

Tether Requirement
All competition motorcycles require handlebar mounted wrist tether type motor killing device.

Jersey Requirements

for all the information you could ever want about NATC jersey requirements...

Number Plate Requirements

for all the information you could ever want about NATC number plate requirements...

Riders: Save Time at Signup!
Complete your annual liability release at amacycle.org in advance to streamline signup.

AMA Memberships
All Series Events are AMA sanctioned events.
You must be a member to participate.
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